What does it mean to be Poor in Spirit?

Blessed are the poor of spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
- Matthew 5:3

Poor in Spirit means we understand a profound truth about ourselves - that we rely on God for our life, our being, our very existence, consciousness, - even continued existence into heaven.

To truly experience spiritual poverty, we must come before the Lord humble enough to accept God, acknowledging our spiritual smallness before God and casting ourselves on God's great Grace, knowing our insignificance, and relying always on God, putting our trust completely on God.

'Poor in Spirit' is opposite of arrogance, dominance, egotistical, forceful, haughtily self-centered, treating God as irrelevant, thinking that we are self-sufficient, mighty, and have no need of God.

We acknowledge our desperate need for God, for God is the source of all life. God is life. God, we pray; we are powerless without you. We acknowledge our deep need for you. Remove any delusion we might have that we are something more, when we are nothing without You.

We rely on your rich guidance and wisdom. Please edify our lives, grant us understanding, teach us Your ways, for we trust in you, God, for our divine and spiritual knowledge, for our understanding of life, and we humbly find ways to share the goods of the earth, and the goods of our world with others, knowing that God made the world for all, not just for the few.

We place our attention and trust on you, God, for You are omnipotent, brilliant and wise beyond our understanding; You, God, are understanding, intelligence, boundless, unfathomable, exact, precise, perfection, clarity, all-knowing, steadfast, revealing, true, fulfilling, illuminating, self-sustaining, anticipating, abundant, diverse, boundless, expansive, dependable, helpful, kind, loving, generous, diverse, Truthful, unforgetful, thoughtful, patient, organized, immortal, everlasting, without end. +J